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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I am starting a knitting blog for three reasons:
1) I am procrastinating on doing real work
2) I have a lot of thoughts about knitting that I would like to organize
3) reading other people's knitting blogs has helped me a lot in thinking about some projects, and I think I ought to return the favor.

This blog will contain entries about projects that I have started, projects that I am actively working on, and projects that I am thinking about doing. In the interest of saving time and space, I will not post about cool patterns that I see, since then the blog will grow completely out of proportion to its importance.

The project lists:
Projects that I have started but are not currently moving forward:
  1. Tie-one-on (from Knitty Spring 2005), the drop-stitch version, with a slight modification: instead of dropping the stitches every row (which made the surrounding rub very uneven) I drop them once for every drop-stitch ladder. This makes the yarn stick together more and fail to drop as well as it might otherwise, but it makes everything look much more even, so I think it is worth it.
  2. Falling leaves socks (from Knitnet). I'm experimenting with making both socks at once, on a very long circular needle. It's an interesting method, but one that makes for rather annoying knitting, since a lot of time is spent on pushing stitches around the needles, and not on actually knitting.
Projects that I am actively working on:
  1. The Knitting Guild of America Master Hand Knitter program, level one. This is my first priority at the moment; I have 14 of the 16 necessary swatches knitted (although not blocked or finished up).
  2. A scarf I am knitting for a friend who is moving to Chicago. The scarf has ribbing up the sides, and in the middle is a standard diamond-cable; in the center of each diamond I am knitting in a letter. Which is interesting, and I'm halfway finished; some of the letters are not that recognizable, however. I am making them in knit stitches on a purl background, and what happens is that on the vertical parts the knitting puffs out, and on the horizontal it puffs in, so often only part of the letter can be seen.
Projects I am thinking about starting:
  1. Falling Leaves sweater featured in Interweave Knits (summer 2005). The recommended yarn for it is Filtes King Van Dyck, but I have ordered Cascade Chunky 128 instead (hopefully it will knit up to something like the right gauge and texture). I have read that the Van Dyck is rather rough (which is why I substituted for it); I also wanted to change the color of the sweater. The sweater is knitting in green on the pattern, which always makes me look rather ill. I looked for a nice dark orange but I couldn't find one to my liking, so I am making the sweater in brown (hopefully, it will work out).
  2. Turtleneck Shrug from Scarf Style. I plan to make it in Classic Elite Miracle yarn, which should make for a soft and warm shrug.


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