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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Finished! And a new idea

So I finally finished the old shale lace shawl that I was working on! Now I just need to finish my grandmother's poncho (which I still haven't finished, largely because I was beginning to get bored by it and didn't want to deal with it, but I'm getting there!). Note about the shawl, however: I was doing the pattern "Old Shale Lace" (Shoalwater Shawl). The pattern is made for a variegated yarn, so I used a blue variegated Taj Mahal, a fingering weight yarn from Le Fibre Nobili (which is, unfortunately, now discontinued). But the variegations on the yarn were too short! If you look at the detail, below, you'll see that the rows undulate back and forth, but instead of creating a wavy-lines effect on the fabric (the way they're supposed to) they instead just make little blobs of color. Which is infortunate, although it doesn' t look that ugly. Lesson: don't use fingering-weight yarn with 1" variegations with #7 needles.

But I have a new idea for a scarf, and I may actually use it. The idea is the following: start making a Mobius scarf, and make just about a 1"-wide garter-stitch scarf. The add edging! By adding edging starting on alternate sides you should be able to get an interesting front-and-back effect. As soon as I finish by Grandmother's poncho, I'm going to start this and see where it leads. (The poncho is quickly becoming my first priority as New Years approaches and it is still not done, and does not look nearly done.... eek.)


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