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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Knitting Circle

I've recently started a knitting circle. We meet on Fridays for about an hour and knit and discuss knitting (and some politics, but I try to stay away from that). It's interesting how long it is possible to knit and discuss knitting for without getting bored. I wouldn't have thought, for instance, that a discussion of the different ways of casting on could last for half an hour, but it did.

I'm going to be going to England next year, and this makes me wonder: will I find people who knit there? Will I be able to talk to them? Will they have knitting circles where I can sit and knit?

On a completely different note, have I mentioned that I hate double-pointed needles? I've just started making a hat, and short circular needles make my hands hurt. (Since I am in the middle of writing a thesis, anything that makes my hands hurt for even a couple of seconds is right out.) So I'm using doublepoints. And they're awful. Making stitches at the beginning and end of each needle is awkward, as the other needles get in the way. And I always need to watch to make sure I don't have stitch ladders at the places where the needles meet. And moving the stitches around the needles is distracting and boring.

The problem is that there aren't any alternatives! Both Magic loop and two circulars have the problem of moving stitches around on the needles too much (although two circulars doesn't have nearly as much of a problem). Isn't there anyone there that can invent some brilliant way to knit small things without these issues? Maybe I'm asking too much. I could just knit everything flat and then seam.


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