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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am a bad person

I am a bad person. Here are the reasons why:

1. Inspired by the Yarn Harlot blog, I looked at a few articles about dyeing yarn. This means that I spent half an hour reading three (almost identical) articles about dyeing yarn with Kool-aid, and another 15 minutes looking at yarn dyes at KnitPicks. (They're on sale at $10 each. Luckily I was good enough not to buy them.)

2. Because I had just spent almost an hour looking and dyes, and impressed by the low low prices of undyed yarn at said KnitPicks, I bought 15 skeins of undyed Merino yarn, each weighing 100g: 10 lace weight and 5 fingering weight. Which means that I have more lace weight yarn than I could ever knit; I have more than 5 miles of lace weight yarn, and a bit over two-and-a-half of fingering weight yarn. (Isn't that a scary thought?) I was smart enough to have it shipped to Cali, not here. I'm never going to have time to knit 7.5 miles of yarn (plus my current stash) and finish my thesis before June.

3. In order to use up this yarn that I had foolishly bought, I spent another hour looking for lace shawl patterns. I did find some nice ones. On the other hand... that's two hours wasted, $60 down the drain, and no thesis work. But I will likely never have to buy lace weight or fingering weight yarn again, and I have lots of spares in case I mess up some yarn.

4. Instead of sleeping (which I honestly tried to do, and will go back to trying to do later) I am now reading Yarn Harlot some more and writing this.

I think this all adds up to at least one day of pure torture right before my thesis is due.

Wait... who'm I kidding? I'm going to have to pull at least three all-nighters to finish it, and very likely more.


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