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Monday, March 06, 2006

Inner Dialogue

Inna: You know, you should really work on your thesis. You have another meeting with your adviser on Tuesday, you've really done nothing since Friday, and the thesis is due in less than a month.

Inna: A Month?!?! *picks up knitting and begins to knit*

Inna: See, this is how you get into these things. You worry about your thesis, can't concentrate on it, decide to do some knitting in order to calm down, and waste hours that you could have been working on your thesis knitting instead.

Inna: *gibbering in terror while knitting*

Inna: Although I'm really glad that you finished that hat. And the yarn you bought for the Danica scarf is really nice. But that doesn't mean that it couldn't have been put off.

Inna: But I like knitting! It makes me feel much nicer than my thesis does!

Inna: But now what are you doing? You're not even knitting! You're blogging! And you're reading Yarn Harlot! Can't you even pretend to be productive?!


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