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Sunday, June 25, 2006


So I haven't posted in a long time. Some of that was not really my fault (or was my fault, but I couldn't bring myself to care), as in the last two months I have had to (a) do final projects (b) do finals (c) pack up and move (d) start work (e) pull apart my entire room in order to sort books. (That last one was after I moved back home.) At the moment my room is once again reasonably neat, I have no pressing work to do, and I can post. (This state is not likely to last.)

I have finished one and a half squares of the Raku Suri stole. One square looks like this,

and up close looks like this (apart from the colors, which I couldn't get my camera to do properly).

This pattern calls for you to make three squares, block each of them (leaving the stitches around the edges live), and then connect them with edgings. So the square is not as blocked as it will look after everything is finished (I don't want to kill the stitches I'm going to have to knit into), and hopefully after I block it fully it will actually lie flat.

I'm also working on Tristan, from Elsebeth Lavold's Embraceable You Collection. I'm a little worried about the sizing on this. This is what the back currently looks like:

This is on a 24" needle, so you can see that it's a little big. But I'm knitting tighter than actual gauge! This thing is actually supposed to be 24" wide, and mine is only 23". For a medium size, a 48" chest seems a little much. But that's what the design calls for... so I will knit it, trusting to the knitting gods, Elsebeth Lavold, and the fact that a sweater is smaller inside than outside. (And this is pretty thick fabric, too.) Hopefully, that will be enough. If not... I guess I'll learn what it feels like to have to rip back a whole sweater.


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