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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Just a quick post about why I haven't been posting.

  • I have been packing and moving, and the place I am staying is a 40 minute walk from where I lived. So I have worn holes in the bottoms of my feet while still having lots of errands to run.
  • Because of the previous fact, I have not been knitting much. I have been experimenting with some ideas, but as all of them were huge failures I don't want to post about them.
  • The weather has been nice, so in my free time, instead of sitting indoors, I have been reading by the river. (Knitting was nixed after the first time, when I dropped my yarn into the grass and ended up spending the whole time it was still light picking dirt out of the yarn.)

I have made some stuff (although very little of it is straight knitting, though it is related) that I will hopefully have time to post about tomorrow.


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