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Monday, April 24, 2006


Ok, so I'm playing picture catch-up.

First, Tyra, which I finally managed to photograph properly (by going outside on a cloudy day). I finished it a few days ago, and I think it's wonderful (although it has a little too much ribbing for my taste). Here it is:

And here is the surprise scarf:

I'd never knitted in superwash wool before, and I hadn't relized how much I rely on grippiness of wook to weave in ends. I just couldn't get those suckers to stay in! Here's the picture of the scarf, anyway. (I put edgings on the ends to make the woven in ends a little less obvious. I'm debating sewing them in. What do you think?)

And here is the DNA scarf that I'm making for NR. It's coming along decently well, and the pattern is actually a lot easier than the provided chart makes it look. There actually is a reason for the differently sized decreases.... I just wish that they hadn't left it for me to figure out. I suppose that all of this makes me a better person, but frankly I'm willing to be a worse person in order to have it be easier to figure out knitting patterns. This goes double for hte lace shawl I started over the summer (and haven't worked on since).

Lastly, in case you were wondering where I was taking these pictures, here is a small shot of the surroundings.

This is not my dorm. (My dorm is a lot uglier and muddier at the moment.) This is another dorm on campus, about five minutes walk from mine. Isn't it pretty?

(No, there is no picture of the orangutang shrug.)


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