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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So my spinning kit arrived today. (Stop looking at me like that! I have a midterm, ok? I need to relax before it starts...) Also, I finally set stuff up so that I can put pictures here. So prepare for the onslaught of pictures! I promise that there usually will not be this many.

My spinning kit looks like this:

(It actually had a little more white fiber.) I tried some spinning (it was fun, although a little slow) and I got some yarn that looked like this:

I kept having the problem that I would only have part of the fiber going into the yarn... like, the roving would be as wide as my hand, and only about a quarter of it would be going into the spinning. Anyone know how to handle that? (Anyone out there who spins? I now know that there are people out there, because I got a comment yesterday! I was so thrilled!) I finally gave up and split the roving in half lengthwise, and only fought with half of it. Is there a better solution?

I then tried to find a way to soak the yarn. I don't have a bathtub, or a bucket, or a clean sink with a stopper (I live in a dorm, so this isn't as strage as it sounds at first) but I didn't give up, and I ended up with this:

(I couldn't get hot water out of the sink, so I ended up sticking my water bottle in the shower, and got thoroughly soaked in the process. But I finally ended up with soaked yarn that looked like this:

I hope that this isn't too awful for a first try... my biggest concern is sorting out the "only part of fibers going into the yarn" problem.

In other news, silk hankies arrived. What people don't tell you is that they are HUGE. Look! (A standard business card is added for scale.)

Aren't those big? I didn't realize that they would be so big when I ordered them. They're not hankies, they're bandanas!


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