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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Total Surrender

Ok, I give up, I give in, I surrender totally, completely, and without reservation. You have been hounding me for a month, you have written brilliant articles that make my fingers yearn to go over to the dark side, and you have addicted me to a blog where the writer does it. And, just to add insult to injury, you sent me samples with an order of patterns. So I am finally giving up all resistance and learning how to spin.

I am not (and please, someone, stop me from doing this) going to learn to spin on a wheel. I don't have room/time/resources to get a wheel or learn on it. I have bought a kit to learn to spin (some roving, a spindle, and Interweave's book Spin It. I have also (much to my regret and infinite contrition) bought some silk hankies off of eBay (prompted by Knitty's article on knitting silk hankies). So this is absolute, total surrender, and you had better appreciate it, all you people who have been clearly conspiring to get me to spin.

The only ounce of dignity that I would like to keep is to put it off until my thesis is done. It's due in two weeks (much as I hate to say it), and I think learning to spin before then would be just stupid. But I just want whoever-you-are to know that I have given up! Completely! Utterly! So you can just stop tempting me.

Spinning had better be worth the humiliation.


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