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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Resistance is NOT Futile

I am assiduously resisting the temptation to learn to spin. I know where that temptation leads: to buying way too much stuff, much of it I will likely never use. Like the yarn that I bought yesterday, which I had no need to buy then: I could have waited a month or two, since I am not planning on doing anything with it until I get back to Cali, anyway. (On the other hand, I've spent all day daydreaming about learning to dye that yarn, so maybe that'll acutally do some good.)

Why this terrible rise in temptation? Because I've been reading yarn harlot that's why! She makes spinning and dyeing sound like so much fun I just want to jump out of my chair and go out and buy stuff and learn to use it. Regarless of the fact that I have no kitchen / dishes / pots to dye stuff in, that I have a thesis due in less than a month, and that it's midnight and all stores are closed. I really need to become more resistant to temptation... or at least do something that does not expect a 100% commitment on my part.


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