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Thursday, March 30, 2006

No New Pictures

No new pictures today. I have a bunch of stuff to show (silk caps arrived, some cool fingering weight yarn arrived, some roving (which is actually top) that I ordered to practice spinning on arrived. I even did some spinning on colored fiber, because I was annoyed at only making white. And I have a nice, finished cone of white fiber, sitting on a straw waiting to be plied. But I'm not showing any of that now. I have thesis. Which is depressing me horribly, because I haven't actually made any progress on the material; I've just been fiddling with the form and the silly fluffy stuff that goes around all of the actual math. Which means that my thesis looks closer to being done, but which isn't. Which is really depressing.

(My friends tell me that the thesis is closer to being done, as I'm narrowing the field of things that I need to work on. However, since the things I'm working on don't actually resolve any of the elements that are weighing on me, this doesn't seem to help much, either.)

Four more days. I'm going to say it now (even though I just felt a horrible stab of fear, just writing that). Four more days. And I have cleaning and laundry to do, too. Someone rescue me, please. (Or at least send me good food! Or knitting.)

Speaking of knitting (you don't think I'd stop knitting just for something minor like imminent doom, did you?), I've been making a hat. This hat is knit flat. it's from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Knits Collection, called Tyra. Isn't it great? I'm knitting it in a dark purple (so the pattern doesn't actually show up that well, but it still looks good) in Silky Wool. Have I mentioned that this yarn is amazing, fantastic, wonderful, great, and all good things? It is. I am absolutely madly in love with it, and if I weren't broke I'd buy a lot of it. Wonderful, wonderful, yarn. I'm really looking forward to knitting the sweater that my mother bought me the yarn for for my birthday, Ljod.


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